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Proposit law firms

Marketing Challenges in Professional Services Firms

  • 'One size fits all’ approach

    doesn’t engage customers

    ‘One size fits all’ approach doesn’t engage customers

    Your customers expect content and experiences to be personalized to their needs.

  • Lack of insight

    Lack of insight

    Marketers at professional services firms don’t have the adequate insight to optimize experiences for customers. This lack of insight impacts ability to create experiences that engage.

  • Long timelines to deliver

    digital initiatives

    Long timelines to deliver digital initiatives

    Websites and other digital property deployments take longer than acceptable, and reduce marketers’ ability to be more responsive to customer needs.


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AVA Digital Gold Winner
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Horizon Interactive Bronze Winner
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What is P R O P O S I T ?

PROPOSIT is a web-based proposal generation software which automates the entire proposal process. It easily integrates with the existing CRM, company information database (CMS) to make sure the proposal has relevant content and is completed within the defined time and budget, therefore, improving the win rate significantly.

Features of P R O P O S I T

Integrated solution

Virtually all proposit users have linked proposit to other systems within their organizations. It is linked to ERP, CRM, PDM and CAD systems as well as to CNC machines for controlling custom production.

Globalized content can be used for creating proposal

Proposit supports multiple language versions of your marketing content, enabling uniform and global scalability.

Version Control

People/Teams can collaborate to create proposals

Proposal Template Management

Content management platform enables services to continually improve or mold content as a part of the usual pitch process along with enhancing its look and feel.

Integrated document management system

Flexible data model and screens can be managed by users to secure data, transfer and manage documents.

Pre-defined & customized reports available

The beauty of this web-based proposal generation system is that it makes it easy for a repository to duplicate a proposal template, personalize, send, and track a proposal.

Automatic solution

After realizing the potential of the CRM, people start generating proposals from the pre-defined data stored in the CMS or historical data.

In-built content repository & resource center available

What are the advantages of having the PROPOSIT?


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