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What is the SOLISIT mobile app?

This is a native mobile app that can be developed for use via Solisit. Since this app is based upon Solisit, it can interact with and take advantage of the features of Solisit. The Solisit mobile app can therefore have all the key features that professional services firm websites need including – personalization, search, events, locations, alerts/notifications among others.

How can the mobile app be launched via SOLISIT?

Solisit provides professional services firms with the capability to launch a mobile app by using out of the box features that have already been built into Solisit. Such an app can be launched quickly and seamlessly with the same experience/branding that your website has. This app can provide personalized digital experiences to visitors and customers.

Key features of the mobile app

Search an Advisor

Created keeping the end user in mind, this functionality lets users search for advisors. The advisor detail page is designed to accommodate multiple content sections from where users can download Vcards, send emails or call the advisor directly.

Thought leadership

Thought Leadership

Users can easily browse through any of the thought leadership materials such as webinars, articles, blogs, etc. and can swipe left or right to flip articles. Not just this, upon finishing every article, users are greeted by related articles on the page.



Users can see and register for any of the events promoted by the professional services firm. Event registration is an easy task. Additionally, if users want a particular event to be added to their mobile calendars, they can do so even without getting registered.

Aboutus lawfirm

About us (the professional services firm)

This section helps users to view information about the firm - this may be in the form of overviews, firm leadership or history.

Post login section

My Cases

This is a post login section that will enable users to access information related to various cases that their professional services firm has.



Users can navigate the corporate offices of the professional services firm.



Notification center alerts users about any new update or information published on Thought Leadership, Events, My Cases or Advisor sections.

Easy Navigation

Easy Navigation

At any point of time, users can click on the burger icon to navigate the app with easy accessibility.

What are the benefits of this app?

  • Through the Solisit mobile app, professional services firms will have the ability to remain in touch with their potential customers.

  • In the sales life cycle, this tool can be extremely important in showcasing the ability of the firm and connecting with its potential customers.

  • Besides having easy accessibility to the app through mobile or tablets, existing customers of a professional services firm can view and keep themselves updated with their ongoing cases through the My Cases feature.


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