Sitecore-ExactTarget Connector Improve digital marketing performance

Sitecore ExactTarget Connector

Challenges that Digital Marketers face

  • 'One size fits all’ approach

    does not engage customers

    ‘One size fits all’ approach does not engage customers

    Your customers expect content and experiences to be personalized to their needs.

  • Data in Silos

    Data in Silos

    Lack of connected data between marketing platforms impedes marketing effectiveness. Your website data is limited to the web and your email data is another separate entity. The result - lost opportunities for better customer engagement.

  • Marketing’s Revenue


    Marketing’s Revenue Contribution

    In marketing, good leads equal higher revenue. Good leads come from strong web and email nurture. Strong nurture happens when website and email channels work in unison.

What is the Sitecore-ExactTarget Connector?

The Sitecore-ExactTarget Connector created by edynamic essentially uses connected data interplay and a combination of features of both platforms to improve the process of lead-to-customer in the customer lifecycle. The connector is built on edynamic’s proprietary data services framework and enables a coming together of these 2 class leading marketing platforms.

What can the Sitecore-ExactTarget Connector do?

Content Marketing

One of the biggest advantages of the connector is that it does not require you to store vast amounts of marketing assets, content in ExactTarget for every campaign. You can run your campaigns from ExactTarget but fetch content and assets from Sitecore as and when you need to run content marketing.

Forms Integration

ExactTarget landing page forms can be used for your website and can be created, edited/customized from within Sitecore CMS. Similarly, you can create, edit and use Sitecore web forms within ExactTarget for ExactTarget based campaigns. Form submission data is shared with both systems.

Personalization based on behavior

The connector enables you to personalize Sitecore website content and experience based on known recipient behavior on emails sent through ExactTarget. You can also personalize and send emails through ExactTarget based on website browsing behavior recorded in Sitecore.

Single View of the Customer

The Sitecore-ExactTarget connector can be extended to also include integrations with CRM and other marketing platforms such as Social and digital analytics. This creates an ecosystem of marketing technologies where data related to every known prospect and customer can be collated and made available for marketing use in real time.

Website-Email Integration

The connector enables marketers to create and send emails on ExactTarget from within Sitecore. You don’t need to swap between the systems and have different sets of resources or external agencies. Marketing users can simply login into Sitecore or ExactTarget and create and deploy campaigns. You can thus reduce costs and improve ROI.

Customer Experience Platform

The Sitecore-ExactTarget connector when integrated with your CRM results in the foundation of an integrated platform for measuring and improving customer experience. Sitecore-ExactTarget-CRM integration together with social and digital analytics data integration enables a central repository of actionable customer/prospect profiles for understanding customer behavior and preferences.

Sitecore-ExactTarget Connector Resources

How can marketers benefit from the Sitecore-ExactTarget Connector?


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