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Hey HR, the Careers section of your Website sucks!

HR spends so much and expends so much energy on attracting candidates, and so often, when candidates visit company websites, they get turned off. Its because the Careers section is the forgotten child of websites..they are unexciting, lack sufficient content and do not convey why is good to work for the company.

Here are some things you can do to improve the Careers section of your website:

1. HR, take ownership of the Careers section of the website

Marketing owns the website and so they typically own the HR section of the website. Since marketing is focused on lead generation and lead generation, prospective employees are not on their radar! Would sales let HR manage the sales process, then why should marketing own an important element of the recruiting process? It will continuously suffer. You’ll probably never be the prominent section on your website, however, if you have ownership of the section, you will be able to drive a lot of traffic directly to this section.

Using Content Management workflows, Marketing can still control content production, so their fears of inappropriate content making it to the website will be alleviated

2. Its like selling!

Yes, you have to sell your company to you the prospect. you have to excite them, engage them and get them to come on boar. The candidate will follow a process much like buyers do in buying products. You have to engage and excite prospects. Convey the essence of your company and what makes it unique and a great place to work!

3. ‘Day in the Life’ of an employee

Get the candidates to feel what its like to work for your company. We’ve seen these strategies work quite well for companies.

4. Testimonials

Video testimonials of existing employees are ideal to excite candidates about what its like to work for you.

5. Make it easy to find job postings

Make it easy for prospects to find postings. Categorize postings based on industry known organizational groups candidates are familiar with. If there aren’t job postings, encourage prospects to send resumes anyways.

6. Benchmarks

Learn from those who are doing it well..General Mills, Unilever, Nestle and Cadbury know how to engage candidates . here is a link to the benchmarking exercise we performed

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