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Core Underlying Technologies for a B2B Technology Company’s website

In our experience there are a few key technologies in the ec0-system of a website of the B2B Technology company’s website that are typically needed:

Content Management System (CMS)

The Content Management System is the core of a B2B website. CMS’s provide a wide variety of capabilities, but at a high level the CMS, depending on the actual product, provides the following capabilities

- Ability to manage the content lifecyle on the website. Quite often marketers assume that this is the only capability a CMS offers, but CMS’s offer the following as well…

- Ability to manage the look and feel

- Ability to manage the structure of the site

-Ability to profile and personalize the experience for the user

For information on how to chose a CMS check out an easy to follow video on the subject

Analytics Software

Analytics software such as Google Analytics, Coremetrics, HBX and Omniture provide the capability to analyze traffic movements on the website and sources of the traffic (search engines, referring sites, etc) to gain insight into user patterns. This insight is leveraged to continuously improve the UX of the website

Marketing Automation Software

In B2B acquisition scenarios where the lifecycle of acquisition is long, consultative and the sale is not completed in an instant or quickly, marketing automation software allow marketers to profile, score and nuture leads from a website. Marketing automation software such as Eloqua and Marketo allow marketers to manage the email communication with leads to nurture them during their product evaluation process. Prior to these software, Marketers relied on rudimentary and tedious processes to track communication lifecycle and approach.

CRM Integration

Providing leads to the sales team as quickly as possible, so that no momentum is lost is important. Integration with crm systems such as is now considered best practice. Leads are passed over in real time to the CRM system for the sales team to immediately react.

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