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4 reasons that lead B2B Technology Marketers to redesign their website

Based on our experience of working with B2B technology firms over the last decade, B2b technology firms opt for redesign due to 4 key reasons. These reasons are quite often tactical and do not stem from a well though out assessment and web strategy. The 4 key reasons are as follows:

Competitor benchmarks

In a highly competitive B2B technology products space, where the website is a key element of the marketing strategy, if a competitor’s website seems to be more effectively. I use the word seems because quite often decisions are made on superficial things such as imagery and sex appeal; while there are important there is far more important criteria that we typically share with clients when they are assessing if their site is upto par or not.

Lack of Lead Conversion driven by Poor User Experience

The user experience doesn’t allow prospects to get to the products and provides M&M moments.

Look and Feel

The site’s look and feel looks outdated and doesn’t create an emotional connection or doesn’t convey the brand’s image to the customer. The look and feel of websites are constantly changing, and whats new today no longer meets user expectations in a short period of time, especially with the introduction of new front end technologies such as AJAX and Silverlight that make the experience interactive

Content Management System Implementation

Content Management is essential to the effectiveness of a B2B website. Many marketers either upgrade or migrate onto a new system every two to four years. The Content Management space is changing rapidly, and new products have a huge impact on the effectiveness of websites and how marketers convert traffic to leads. Content Management Systems allow marketers to keep content fresh, manage the structure and look and feel of the website, target users with personalized content and manage the website effectively. An implementation of a CMS typically leads to a redesign or, at the very least, an ‘up-lift’

While these reasons are tactical and sometimes justified, a holistic and more comprehensive process needs to be applied to assess if a re-design is needed. In one of my blogs that follow I will cover these reasons in more detail, or feel free to reach out to me and I’ll send you our B2B Website Redesign Assessment Checklist.

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