Problems We Solve

We create and deliver personalized experiences to engage customers in a one to one (1:1) manner at every touchpoint to improve customer experience and drive revenue.

Good customer experience is a product of relevant and personalized engagement (content and experience) and forms the basis of the concept of 1:1 marketing.

The philosophy of 1:1 marketing with customers and prospects across channels and devices is based upon and driven by the ability to map your messages to customers and their preferences and the ability to gain insight from customer interactions with your marketing messages.

We help marketers to improve their customer engagement and experience – factors that influence revenue.

Helping you succeed in the Age of the Customer

Customer Experience Management

The concept of end customer experience is central to every digital initiative we take on for our customers. We design and build experiences that are based on end customer journeys and preferences.

Problem we solve, Digital marketing solution

Revenue Engine Framework

At edynamic, we help marketers shape their revenue strategy, partner creatively, implement the processes and marketing technologies needed and enable marketing teams to focus on the metrics that matter for revenue generation and measurement.

Customer Insights and Analysis

We partner with you to develop a single view of your customers across campaigns, channels and devices where they are engaging with your brand and messages.

Solutions we offer

Demand genaration

1:1 Marketing

Engage with your customers across all channels in a personalized and relevant manner.

Generate Demand

Our expertise in generating demand allows us to improve engagement across all channels.

Digital Platform on Sitecore for law firms

This is an integrated offering for building websites on Sitecore that can significantly improve efficiency, agility and control for law firms. With this solution, law firms will be able to create Sitecore based websites quickly and easily.

Engaging Personalized Corporate Websites

Create websites that engage, convert and drive leads.

Personalized Experiences

Customer Experience Platform

Integrate CRM, CMS, Analytics and Marketing Automation to orchestrate experiences across all digital channels.

Omni-channel Experiences

We help marketers with building out single views of their customers and then creating relevant customer engagement through content and experience across channels and devices.

Transformed customer engagement

Improved Customer Engagement

Our solutions empower the marketing team to plan, develop and execute personalized and relevant messaging campaigns consistently across all channels to maximize customer engagement.

Transform Marketing Operations

We partner with marketing teams to provide skills, ongoing support and digital expertise help you improve lead generation, reduce costs and be more responsive.

Revenue engine

Revenue Engine

edynamic’s revenue engine brings together digital technologies to create single customer profiles, helps predict buyer behavior and enables marketers to drive revenue.

Mobilized Enterprise

edynamic’s team of mobile experts craft and deliver mobile apps for improving customer engagement and service. We also help with delivering mobility solutions that enhance business process efficiencies and process transformation.

Video Management

We provide enterprise and marketing video management capabilities through our partnerships with leading video platforms.

Improved Customer Service

We help create and maintain single customer profiles with preferences and buying attributes together. This enables up-sell, cross-sell, improved service and loyalty through the customer lifecycle.

Digital tranformation

Digital Transformation

We transform the digital enterprise by improving collaboration, delivering digital products and reducing costs.

Channel Enablement

Our offering helps drive more revenue through channel partners by enabling deeper marketing-sales engagement.


We create and deliver end to end eCommerce experiences on class leading marketing platforms.

Big Data Analytics

Improve decision making by collecting all your customer data and get insights that matter.

The digital trifecta

The Digital Tri-fecta – CRM, CMS and Marketing Automation

edynamic has developed this unique solution that integrates the three main digital marketing technologies - CRM, Marketing Automation, and CMS - to personalize and synchronize customer interactions across channels.

Digital vision definition and road map

Digital Vision Definition and Roadmap

We take an 'outside-in' approach to identify digital imperatives that enable business objectives, and create a vision for digital and a roadmap that makes digital as core to the organization strategy.

Single View of the Customer

Get a single view of the customer that captures data from all channels, provides insights and allows you to target customers across all channels.

Digital Platform Selection

We utilize our depth in marketing technologies to select an eco-system of technologies that work cohesively.

Customer Journey Mapping

Strategies and roadmaps that are centered on the customer’s journey and experience across channels.

Marketing Automation

Comprehensive demand generation services that leverage and optimize class-leading marketing platforms such as Eloqua, ExactTarget, Adobe and Sitecore.


Helping you do more with your CRM for effective profiling and tracking of customer behavior in synchronization with other marketing systems.

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