Our Philosophy

1:1 Marketing

The right message to the right person at the right time, on the right device. Simple.

We believe that organizations need to engage their customers in a personalized way. Such engagement leads to new customer acquisition and improved relationships with existing customers.

We are in the age of the customer – a customer who is more informed, has little attention and moves seamlessly across channels and devices; this customer drives the buying process. A ‘one size fits all’ approach to marketing doesn’t work. You risk losing customers by providing sub-standard experiences.

  • 94% of customers have discontinued communication with a company because of irrelevant messages. - Blue Research
  • 78% of customers don’t receive consistent experience across channels. - Accenture
  • 30/70 In a 6 year stock performance index, CX leaders have performed 30% higher on average as compared to S&P 500 and more than 70% higher than CX laggards. - Forrester

Many marketers struggle to coordinate between channels on digital, they rely on fragmented tools that provide limited measurement and insight. Our approach to 1:1 marketing is centered around customers - their buying journeys and preferences. We help marketers with building out single views of their customers and then creating relevant customer engagement through content and experience across channels and devices.

How We Drive 1:1 Marketing

We create and deliver personalized experiences to engage customers in a 1:1 manner at every touch-point to improve customer experience and drive revenue.

  • Focus on the Customer Journey

    Focus on the Customer Journey

    We create engaging experiences by understanding customer needs and wrapping content and experiences around their journey. Our ‘outside-in’ approach ensures customer comes first.

  • Customer Insights

    Customer Insights

    We gather customer insights by executing customer research and analyzing data to help clients understand customer needs, and make informed decisions to deliver better customer experiences.

  • Marketing Pervades the Organization

    Marketing Pervades the Organization

    We enable the organization to engage customers beyond marketing.

  • Unify Data for Single View of the Customer

    Unify Data for Single View of the Customer

    We integrate internal and external data to provide a single view of the customer. This improves marketers’ ability to deliver contextual messages across channels.

  • Customer Experience Platform

    Customer Experience Platform

    We integrate technology to engage across channels consistently.

  • Multi-Channel Data Driven Experience

    Multi-Channel Data Driven Experience

    We provide the right content at the right time through exceptional experiences and 1:1 context to persuade the customer to take action.

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