Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) is the next big battleground as marketers continue to strive for a share of mind and recall from their customers.

Winning this battle is becoming a challenge for marketers simply because customers are changing, their expectations ever shifting.

Marketers are faced with customers that are more informed, have a little attention span and can flip between YouTube, LinkedIn, Google on iPhones, tablets and laptops within minutes. This means marketers need to be smarter in terms of focusing on engagement with customers and satisfying customers’ innate desire for exceptional experiences and relevant content.

Leading analysts such as Gartner and Forrester opine that those organizations that are lagging in customer experience management generally take a big hit in terms of brand equity and/or stock performance.

At edynamic, the concept of customer experience is sacrosanct and at the core of every digital initiative we take on for our customers.

Customer experience management

Customer Experience Strategy

CX strategy starts with understanding your customer or buyer or prospect.

How they buy, what they expect from your brand/product/service, which stages they go through to reach a point where they are ready to make a decision on you – all of these eventually determine how you should market/sell. This is because the customer is in control now.

If you can define personas based on buying journeys as foundations, you have made a good start. Content is the next key cog in the wheel. If your content makes for good engagement and provides relevance at every stage of a buyer’s buying journey, you are definitely in business.

Improve customer experience

Customer Experience for Channels

When we talk about marketers’ needs of offering seamless, cross channel experience to customers, what we mean is that customers experience consistency and context in everything they see from marketers – on every channel and device – web, mobile, social, email.

This experience entails the ability of a marketer to create personalized content combined with branding and creative design. edynamic’s team of user experience experts specialize in providing such experiences across websites, customer portals, customer communities/forums and mobile.

Customer experience platform

Customer Experience Platform

An integrated CX platform enables marketers to orchestrate individual or personalized experiences for customers across all channels.

At edynamic, our CX management team works with marketers to define and integrate core marketing technologies to work together and create a CX platform. These technologies include Web CMS, CRM, Marketing Automation and Analytics. Integrated CX platform is essential to capture customer profiles, gather actionable insight on customers and continue to optimize marketing programs based on insight gathered.

Customer experience Analytics

Customer Experience Analytics

Marketers face several challenges when they attempt to measure customer experience.

Primary among them is in defining the exact insights that will be helpful and translating these insights into measurable metrics. The second challenge lies in mapping data sources or touchpoints where customers experience or consume content. Further, probably the biggest challenge lies in understanding the customer journey and attribution of customer experience to revenue and costs of marketing. Our digital analytics experts help marketers define, design and execute consistently to meet such challenges so that analytics provides true and holistic insights and not just a collection of reports.

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